Unique Subcultures


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  1. branka Says:

    why do you always look sad in your drawings ;).

    and you should get on with program – facebook ult, not tribe any more – they might soon be history anyways :). hope your family is doing really, really well, send our love to all of them – from our little CA family to yours!

  2. Matt Says:

    The trouble is, he *used to be* cool. If he were still cool, he’d know all about Facebook.

  3. ult Says:

    Okay okay I got a facebook account. I didn’t see your name there, Matt — too cool for facebook?

    I like that on tribe.net you can see all the people connecting you with another person — is there any way to do that on facebook?

  4. Lila Geistman Says:

    I don’t understand where this *used to be cool* is coming from. Did I miss something? When were you cool?
    It seems wrong to blame your own children for imaginary social decline.

  5. Kimberly Paternoster Says:

    You came up in conversation today, so I had to go look to see if you still had your blog. And of course you do. Hope you are well. Where’s all the pics? Where do you live? Where where where?

  6. Scott Howlett Says:

    He’s not sad, he’s just drawn that way!

    … and I don’t believe that “Join” button has been clicked yet :)

  7. Kate Says:

    Kids are just a test of coolness. If you can still be cool when a little person pees in your bed at 2am, if you can still be cool making any and every animal noise that will make that baby smile a few seconds longer, if you can still be cool, I don’t know, wearing a diaper cover on your head. That’s COOL.

    Hi, Ult!

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