Thursday, April 11, 2002

A few new India entries with retro-photos. 4/10/2000 and 4/23/2000. Wow, was that really two years ago?

It's been a while since my last journal entry, so here I offer a letter which happens to touch on most of the things going on these days. I have taken the liberty of erasing a few personal items -- if you think you know what the missing tidbits are, email them to me and I'll post them as my next entry.

I hope you don't feel too voyeuristic reading a personal letter -- although, what am I worried about, you're obviously voyeuristic to be here in the first place! In any case, you may recall that Juliette has given permission to post anything about her, so we can presume that includes letters to her.


I'm doing pretty well at the moment! We're also losing our "winterfaces" here, the weather is begrudgingly offering a few nice warm days, after a surprise snow on Friday. Today felt like summer for the first time.

Of course, I was inside all day working!

Work is's actually quite fun, as work goes -- I'm in my head a lot, doing the kinds of things I enjoy doing in my head like problem solving, logic, organizing information, creating systems. But it takes me away from the sun and my body and my emotions, so when I come back out of my head I'm disoriented, tired, a little grumpy sometimes; at worst, hungry and with a headache! I'm certain that I could do this every day if I needed to, but I'm equally certain that as long as I don't need to I'll do it as little as possible.

I'm looking forward to traveling! I have an urge to go camping right now, to be in nature and in the cold, to experience a little discomfort to balance the easy life I have been living. If the weather stays nice I may go on my own for a weekend somewhere to do hiking. My time here is getting shorter, though, so I'm not sure if I'm willing to sacrifice the time with friends. I'm a little sad to think of leaving, but mostly not...I know I can't stay forever a houseguest, and my ideas for how to live don't include living in the city, and the way my friends live is a different path from mine so the lessons come indirectly.

I haven't been to Ashby in a while, but Karen came to visit nearly two weeks ago. The three of them, Karen, Aaron, and Rowan, all came out to stay the night on Saturday; we went to the drum circle until Rowan fell asleep, then came home and Aaron played sitar; I accompanied him on the drum a little. Rowan had so much fun riding the subway!

Other things going on...I went to a concert on Friday with Gina & Lisa, the girls I met in New York -- I made Lisa's dreads, remember? It was fun to see them again, and seeing Ani DiFranco was nice -- she's a very inspiring, energetic folk singer, who's really conscious about affecting how people think and live, in a good way I think.

I haven't seen Will since that evening we went with him to dinner in the North End, but I think Scott & I will have lunch with him next week.

I'm still working on my second painting, which is much nicer than the first; did I tell you it's a painting of a photo I took of a Tibetan woman? Not sure what I'll do with it when it's finished.

James is planning to come back to San Francisco in August, coincident with his visa expiring. If he does, I guess I won't see him! I'm trying to get him to travel somewhere (Tibet!) and come in October, when I should be there.

Melanie wrote about Camp & Sons, she says the owners, Jane & Walter, are a little nervous about having more people move there...something about one of the people there not working out, or something. So I'm not counting on anything at the moment, though I'd still love for it to work out.

Two nights ago I talked on the phone with Darcy for several hours! It was nice to talk to her, it was just like we were hanging out like we always do, discussing everything and arguing and advising and questioning each other.

Yoga is going well; I miss days here and there, but mostly I do it and really enjoy it. In addition to feeling more connected with my body, I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable experiencing emotions, sadness and judgment and guilt as well as joy and love.

Well, once again I seem to have written a book. I should write some of this in my journal, I've been slacking lately.

Oh, also, I don't think I mentioned that Paige & Jon had another house guest for a while, Paige's college roommate Nicole from Germany. She's from Bonn, and has invited us to stay with her if we're in the area.

It's getting late here and I've written enough, so I'm off to bed! My mind turns more and more to traveling and visiting you, as it comes faster and faster to the present.