Monday, May 6, 2002

Ginger Snaps

This is Rowan. He's three and a half. He can be a little bossy, but mostly he's fun. Rowan says: "But I want to play the way I want to play!" and when he's mad, "Are you going to make me have to throw a ball at you?"

Rowan took these pictures. Creative framing, I thought -- I think he called the one on the left "Torso du Juliette", and the one on the right "Papa con Guacamole".

Juliette and I visited Karen, Aaron, and Rowan in the country for a few days, back in February. I shaved off my beard since then, and got new glasses. This is what I used to look like.

Here's Myles, Rowan's best buddy. Miles says, "Ha ha...I burped." Rowan says, "You mean you never ever brush your hair?"

Karen and Rowan play in the sand box.

Aside from occasional trips to the country, I've been the houseguest who wouldn't leave, at Jon & Paige's house in East Boston. On their right (shaking Sock Monkey's hand) is Nicole, visiting from Germany.

This is where I worked for a few months. Cubicle farms, they call them these days. Left to right is Ray, Scott, Nasim, and Chandramouliswaran ("Mouli").