Monday, May 13, 2002

Letter to Paige

Iceland was great! At least, it looked that way from the video they showed on the plane, with hot springs, glaciers, and four-wheel-drive trucks. My actual experience was somewhat more pedestrian, as it were, walking from Gate 11 to Gate 6. The only notable event was at Passport Control.

"What happened to your passport?"

"I washed it."

"You shouldn't do that."

"It wasn't on purpose."

I guess he decided he couldn't send me back on account of a wrinkly passport, and certainly didn't want to keep me from leaving the country, so he let me through.

Now I'm in Freiburg! Jet lag has been pretty bad so far, I've been sleeping all of the hours appropriate for such activities in both time zones. Today I woke up at seven in the morning instead of three in the afternoon, so things are looking up. Juliette is at schule, so I guess I'll be studying Deutsch!