Sunday, June 30, 2002

Letter to Juliette

I've also had lots of time to myself lately, which has been nice. I think I got a little sunburned meditating yesterday. Sleeping at Gaasperplaas has been great; there is a nice spot right on the lake, not many people go there, and it's nice to wake up and do a little yoga and meditation.

Been playing didj on the street, making 8 euro or so in an hour, plus the odd bit of chocolate or hash -- I'll tell you stories later.

I like Amsterdam a lot, but I've been spending too much time in the touristy areas, which feels hollow, plus too many drunk people. I think one more day may be enough for me, then to Berlin.

In general I'm enjoying this time because it feels like the culmination of a lot of travel experience; so far I'm living more cheaply here than in India, because I can make plenty of money by working for a few hours.