Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Give-away list

If you want any of this stuff, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, email If you're willing to pick it up and/or pay for it, it'll be more likely that you get it. But even if not, don't let that stop you (I don't have time to drive stuff all over, but maybe I'm coming by anyway). It's all going to be donated to the local thrift store in a few days.

Believe it or not, this stuff has all been stored for the last year in the storage unit I share. It's located in Redwood City. I can meet you there Saturday 2:00-5:00. If you can't make it then, I'll probably be there at these times: Thursday noon-5:00, or Tuesday noon-3:00. Tuesday it's all going. Come by, bring snacks, it'll be a party. Email for info:

Hot items to look for are: Macintosh & accessories; file cabinet; drums. Nearly everything is in unusually good shape.

- toolbox - old metal army green
- screw organizers w/ assorted screws & hardware
- box of hardware - hooks, wire, etc.

- UPS - APC Battery Backup 650 VA - 400 watts
- Iomega Zip drive - 100 MB SCSI w/ many disks
- Iogear MiniView accessory switcher (control
  multiple mac/pc cpus w/ keyboard/mouse/monitor)
- Psion (handheld PDA w/ small keyboard, connects to a PC)
- Sony Walkman tape player (with mega-bass)
- software: Mac: Norton Utilities 5.0, Norton Antivirus 6.0
- software: Windows: Easy Language - teaches 17 languages
- PowerMac 7500 + Personal LaserWriter w/ Toner cartridge
- Mac accessories: cables, SCSI adaptors, serial switches,
  happy hacker mini keyboard, mice, 3 gigabyte external SCSI
  hard disk
- Toshiba laptop docking station - from
- Polaroid "close-up" camera w/ adjustable focal range, in
  special Polaroid carrying case
- 3 pairs headphones, various sizes
- mini cassette recorder

- Conair hair clippers w/ attachments
- Wool old man's hat - grey
- green work pans, worn
- tank tops & undershirts, mostly grey
- glasses case
- rings & other jewelry (e.g., deer head with antlers ring)
- band-aids, bandages, medical tape
- Ult clothes: you know you want the Diatribe bondage-girl
  t-shirt and the purple obfuscated skeletons. Actually
  maybe I'll keep them.

- plastic organizer - three shelves 8.5"x11" (height ~12")
- OTT-Lite executive desk lamp - natural light
- 3 ring binders - twenty, assorted 3/4"-2"
- box of envelopes - 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"
- office desk contents: 3 assorted scissors, good desk
  stapler, hand stapler, 1 hold punch, two staple removers
  (1 the kind with teeth, 1 new-fangled), desktop tape
  dispenser, ruler (12"), sand-weighted desktop single
  paper-holder w/ curved slot (could  also hold a photo),
  exacto knife w/ super grip (green), Post-It cover-up
  tape, lined tablets, Post-It notes, staples, adhesive
- CD-ROM box & floppy disk box, plastic
- photographic negative holders, 3 hole punched
- 4 drawer locking steel file cabinet
- shipping & packing materials: packing tape, plastic wrap,
  trash bags
- pendaflex hanging file folders & manila envelopes
- SpaceSaver plastic storage boxes, big and small
- sturdy plastic storage shelves - modular; break down to parts

- bag of rubber amphibians, stones, shells, and buttons
  (buttons are environmental, gay pride, and socially flippant)
- 2 drums: ashiko & talking drum
- learn Hindi & Urdu language tape

- plumbing stuff - including two shower heads which filter
  chlorine from water
- Dirt Devil minivac
- sewing stuff - safety pins, thread, thimbles, hole punch
  for leather & fabric,  velcro, assorted needles, threaders,
  stitch counter for knitting, buttons, rug hook, zigzag
  scissors, bias tape, iron-on mending tape, heavy duty snaps
  & tool
- metal book-ends - ~20, some tasteful looking
- kitchen stuff: plastic tray, wine bottle opener,
  bottle/can opener, can opener, three pyrex bowls w/ plastic
  lids, two white corning plates, two spoons, fork, butter knife
- oblique mug (slanted) advertising Senor Frog's in Mexico
- two bath towels (white, tan), two purple hand towels
  (not matching)
- two cedar blocks on hangers
- sheets & pillow cases (1 set grey & white stripes, 1 set black)
- 2 clothes hanger bags, hangers, and some clothes (long sleeve
  shirts, dockers)
- Tsunami bleach replacement made from papaya enzymes
- 3 shelf rolling steel cart 24" Wide x 14" Deep x 33.5" High
- 6 shelf organizer, 8.5"x11", with office stuff (laser business
  card paper, pendaflex filing stuff)
- 3 heavy duty rubber outdoor mats - for walkway
- broom & dustpan

- Belt pack - Outdoor Products brand. Nice, if you like that
  sort of thing.
- Green hiking shoes, size 9; not very good, but they've
  been to Tibet
- 2 sleeping bags - rectangular
- luggage dolly
- external frame hiking backpack - classic.
- tree planting bag
- solar shower camping bag
- heavy duty combo bike lock (what's the combination?)
- camping stuff: candle holder w/ candles, toaster for
  camp stove